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Planning a Visit?
Come join Us!

Every Week

Sunday Morning: 10:00 am


20 Church St.

Alton NH 03809

Church Office: 603-875-5561

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When You Arrive on Sunday Morning:

Our historic church building is located at 20 Church St. in the village of Alton New Hampshire. Our church parking lot is located right next to our building, and we have additional on-street parking available in front of the church. The main entrances are located at the front and side of the building, with a handicap ramp located at the front. 

When you enter the building, you'll be welcomed by a church greeter. If you have young children and would like to check them into the nursery, the greeter will direct you to the nursery and he or she will be able to answer any questions that you have at this point. If you have older children, we have a wonderful kids program that takes place during our church service. Your children are welcome to attend this fun, Christ-centered class. But if they are more comfortable staying with you in the service, that is fine with us. We want to help make your first experience at our Church a great one. 

Our Service:

Our service starts at 10:00 AM. You'll know when the service is starting because somebody will announce from the front of the church that the service is about to begin. That person will then say a prayer asking for God's blessing on the service. After this, everyone is invited to stand up (or remain seated if that's how you're more comfortable) while we sing songs of praise to God. The song lyrics are projected onto a screen at the front of the church, so that everyone can see them. We sing both contemporary worship songs as well as hymns. All of the songs that we sing are carefully chosen because we only want to sing songs in the church service that glorify Jesus. 

During this time at the beginning of the service, one of the church leaders will make the weekly announcements and the ushers will pass around an offering plate. As a visitor, you are not expected to contribute to the offering. We simply allow people to give as they feel the Lord leading them to give. And the Lord always meets all of our needs. 

After this time of worship, we dismiss our children to Kids Church. The kids line up at the back of the church and their teacher leads them downstairs to their classroom. At this point, Pastor Jared will go to the pulpit at the front of the church and begin that day's sermon. The preaching at our church is expositional—meaning that the pastor takes the congregation through whole books of the Bible, chapter by chapter and verse by verse. (We usually go through about one chapter each week.) If you don't have your own Bible, that's okay. When you first enter the church, the greeter at the door will ask if you'd like a Bible. And if you want a free Bible to take home with you, just let us know and we'll give you one.  To hear some recent sermons, please click here.

Following the service, parents go to the nursery or the kids classroom to get their children. If you're visiting we'll make sure that you know exactly where to go. At this point, everyone is welcome to join us in our fellowship room for some coffee and refreshments. 

What should I wear?
We don’t have a dress code. Some people dress up, some people wear more casual clothes. It is up to you. 

If you have any questions about visiting us, please email us using the form at the bottom of this page, or call the church office. We hope to see you soon! 


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